nTECH BG | Acticum

Brokerage for Sale-purchase
of Real Estate

NTECH BG offers a full package of services to buyers/sellers, which guarantee a European level of service.

The services we offer to our clients include:

  • Brokerage for sale-purchase of real estate transactions
  • Assistance and consultations for purchase of a loan secured property
  • Consultations concerning the property’s selling/purchasing price
  • Legal coverage of transactions
  • Information on the market conjuncture and the possibilities for a lucrative transaction for the client
  • Advertisement of the properties offered to the public
  • Research and check-up of properties for tax encumbrances and litigations

Brokerage for PURCHASE of Real Estate

In the event of purchase of real estate, NTECH BG provides the following services:

  • Real estate market research as of the given time according to parameters, required by the buyer in order to satisfy completely his/her requirements
  • The Agency advises and assists the client in his/her choice of property
  • The Agency prepares the full set of documents of ownership of the respective property and checks-up for the existence of any eventual encumbrances (mortgages, injunctions etc.)
  • The Agency provides legal and consulting assistance until the day of the notarised transfer and reception of the Title Deed of the new purchased property
  • Our employees perform, together with you, inspections of properties, selected and approved by you in advance, as you would be informed in advance about each property’s qualities.
  • We provide you with full information as to the current state of the real estate market, thus enabling you to amend the parameters of your search, so that you get the best out of the market

You may apply for a search of property you are looking for using the feedback form.

Mediation for SALE of Real Estate

For sellers, who are clients of NTECH BG, the company provides the following package of services:

  • Consultation of the seller, helping him/her determine the real market price of the offered property at the relevant time and updating it according to the market conjuncture
  • The Agency implements a marketing and advertising strategy for offering the property aimed at finding clients for the offered property as soon as possible and the most lucrative realisation of it
  • The Agency consults the seller in respect of the full set of documents, necessary for the notarial transfer of the property
  • NTECH BG Agency protects its clients’ interests by providing the necessary legal and consulting assistance until the day of the notarial transfer of the property and until the full value of the sold property is received
  • We provide publicity for your property’s sales offer by advertising it in the leading printed and Internet editions in the field of real estate.
  • Our employees perform inspections of the property with potential buyers, who are informed in advance about the qualities of your property
  • We provide you with full information about the current state of the real estate market, thus enabling you to amend the parameters of your offer, so that it would be competitive on this market

You can make an offer for the property you are offering for sale using the feedback form.