nTECH BG | Acticum

Consulting Services
and Relations with Investors

Our team of experts offers services, as follows:

  • Research, analyses and trends of the real estate market
  • Structuring of key investments in real estate
  • Development of strategies and concepts for housing, office and commercial projects
  • Evaluation of investments in real estate for the purpose of reducing risk to the minimum and maximisation of profitability
  • Find qualitative investment properties and lucrative assets for investors
  • Brokerage between entrepreneurs, proprietors, creditors, brokers, buyers
  • Negotiation of sales on behalf of entrepreneurs, proprietors and investors in real estate
  • Innovatory solutions and assistance for an impartial and just satisfaction of all interested parties for the purpose of successful transfer of possession
  • Time-saving by finding the best investments in real estate on the market, meeting the following characteristics:
    • Agricultural land and regulated land properties
    • Real estate in a design and/or building stage
    • Existing and/or new built properties
    • Fully completed properties and properties ready for lease
    • Properties, providing a positive cash flow
    • Real estate with high potential for increase of value

You may apply for consulting services using the feedback form.